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1. The students are directly under the direction of the Principal of the College of Nursing.
2. Nursing profession, which demands altruistic service from its members, exacts self-discipline at a personal level and general discipline in the campus. Therefore, regular attendance as well as punctuality is essential at lectures, demonstrations, practical, fieldwork and other such academic exercises. They are required to attend allotted clinical areas in each of the prescribed subjects..
3. No information will be sent to the candidate if found not eligible, if the application form is incomplete.
4. Students whose conduct, attendance or performance in clinical field is found not satisfactory will not be allowed to attend the Board/University Examination. The college authority reserves the right to promote or to terminate a student, based on her performance. Students will be send for State Board/University examination only after fulfilling the requirements: Assignments/procedures etc and after the payment of annual fees.
5. Students once dismissed will not be readmitted.
6. “Ragging” is strictly prohibited.
7. The annual leave is arranged at such time as convenient in keeping with the requirements of the course. The leave period cannot be altered for individual students. In case a student absent herself from clinical/class for any reasons and the principal is not satisfied as with the explanation regarding the absence, the student will be asked to make up for the number of days she was absent at the rate of 3 days for a day of absence.
8. The students are allowed to receive only those visitors approved by parents/guardians at the time of admission. A family photo has to be submitted on the day of admission. Taking visitors to the bed rooms or any other section of the hostel is not allowed. Visitors are not allowed during clinical hours. Students are strictly not allowed to visit other’s visitors.
1st and 2nd year GNM students are entitled to avail 30 days of annual leave and GNM 3rd year can avail only 15 days.
Every B.Sc. Nursing student is entitled to avail 30 days of annual leave.
9. Catholic and Christian students are expected to avail the daily religious facilities e.g. Holy Eucharist, Evening prayer, annual retreat etc.
10. Marriage is not allowed till the student completes the course.
11. The students are asked not to bring any jewelry with them. They are permitted to wear only a small ear-stud with the uniform. The college authorities shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any personal property brought to the hostel by the students.
12. The students shall wear the prescribed uniform while in the clinical field and in the class room and follow the etiquette.
13. Students should be courteous and considerate to the patients, visitors, the public, superiors, co-workers and subordinates. They shall maintain a high standard of conduct, and observe the rules and regulations of the institution. Students shall be obedient and loyal to the supervisors and the institution and shall carry out the work assigned faithfully and diligently.
14. Students shall take precautions not to get infections, injuries and accidents while on duty and shall report promptly any such incidents.
15. The students shall study diligently and attend all formal classes and should follow the clinical as per the clinical roster without fail. No students are allowed to change their off days or duty without prior permission from the teacher concerned.
16. All the hostellers are to strictly follow the supervised study hours from 8.15 pm to 10.30 pm.
17. Going out for shopping or home will be permitted only with the parent/ guardian and with the explicit permission of the Principal or the class co- ordinator. Those beyond Lucknow should produce each year an original letter signed by the parent in order to be send out alone. The time for shopping is from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm. Students are expected to report to the principal, class co-ordinator and the warden as soon as they are back to the hostel. In winter students are expected to be in the hostel by 4.00 pm and in summer by 5.00 pm.
18. Students who are absent from the hostel more than 1 week at a stretch without the permission of the principal/ coordinator will be considered to have left the institute.
19. Use of Electrical appliances are not permitted in the hostel. Setting up any additional fixtures in the rooms is not allowed. No furniture or equipment shall be removed from its respective places.
20. All the B.Sc. Nursing students are expected to vacate the hostel after the duration of 4 years and GNM after 3 years. If the course is extended due to any reason the student will have to find their own accommodation.
21. Every student, in case of any illness, is required to inform Principal / class coordinator/warden immediately.
22. Religious sisters undergoing training or pursuing the course in the college are expected to make their retreat during their annual leave. No other special leave will be granted for this purpose.
23. Every student will be liable to replace and/or compensate for any loss or damage caused to any equipment or other property of the College/hostel and or the Hospital.

24. Minor Acts of Misconduct :

1. Entering or leaving the premises/college except by the gates provided for this purpose.
2. Late coming / absence from the duty without permission.
3. Laziness, lethargy or carelessness at work.
4. Loitering around and wasting time during clinical hours.
5. Being late for the attendance
6. Entertaining visitors and receiving and making personal phone calls during clinical hours.
7. Unprofessional dress code at clinical & in the hostel.
8. Receiving and encouraging gifts and tips from patient and relatives.
9. Not fulfilling the directions regarding assignments & procedures.
10. Not attending regular classes or coming late to the class
11. Misbehavior in the library, class room, clinical, and hostel
12. Going to the outside canteen or bank during clinical hours
13. Destruction/ breaking of common properties at the college, hostel and hospital
14. Disobedience to the warden, misconduct in the dining room, taking food to the bed room, washing clothes in the wash room other than the place provided.

Minor Penalties

1. Warning and admonition
2. Written apology
3. Fine minimum Rs. 100/- May be extended to further fine depending upon the damage and severity.
4. Suspension from class and clinical

25. Major Acts of Misconduct :

1. Any forms of Ragging
2. Forging (false signature) in the procedure book and self prescription of drugs.
3. Improper or discourteous behavior towards patients or members of the public, shouting at authority and faculty members.
4. Disobedience in spite of repeated warning.
5. Cheating in the examination hall.
6. Breaking the rules regarding mobile usage.
7. Stealing money and other materials.
8. Failure against the rules of out going and coming in.
9. Shouting, yelling, and loitering in the hostel especially after 10.30 pm.
10. Use of Drugs/Medications without permission causing danger to one’s own life.

Major Penalties :

1. Suspension followed by extension of the course
2. Dismissal from the hostel
3. Dismissal from the course

26. Rules regarding mobile phones :

1. The students are allowed to use mobile phones. No student is permitted to carry and use mobile phones during class hours, clinical hours and study hours and after 10 30 PM.
2. Any violation of the rules regarding use of mobile phones will be treated as major misconduct /indiscipline.
3. 3. Non compliance or violation of the rules regarding mobile phones will be subjected to the following:
  • • Suspension from the college for 7 days for both hostellers and day scholars • Hostellers will have to vacate the hostel within 3 days and will continue the study as a day scholar.

Parents will be solely responsible for the consequences arising from the unauthorized use of Mobile phones such as the following:

• Poor academic performance resulting in failure.
• Lagging behind with assignments and procedures resulting in detention from the Board/ University Examination.
• Degradation of character and moral values
• Addiction to various forms of media like face book, games, whats app, instagram etc.

The Governing Body of the college / Principal/ warden has the right to make necessary suitable amendments/additions/alterations to the Rules/ Regulations, structure of the fees/charges etc. for the proper and efficient management of the college and hostel.

Every student is expected to read and be familiar with the information and the rules contained herein and strictly adhere to all the rules in force or any alteration/modification/amendments of the same from time to time. Any noncompliance or violation of the same will be treated as misconduct/ indiscipline and the same will be dealt with strictly.


1. This prospectus can be changed or modified as and when required without prior notice

2. All fees are subjected to change in keeping with the rising cost of living.

3. The prospectus should be kept safe with the students for reference all through the course of study.